Cooking Games for Girls

Cooking games in addition can be played online, can also be played offline, aka can be downloaded, so you can later play the cooking game without the need to turn on the Internet network.

Here are some choices of cooking games for girls:

Cooking Tycoon

Cooking Tycoon

Cooking games Cooking Tycoons have more challenging difficulties for cooking games. Cooking Tycoon also has a more complicated dish appearance. Here you are managing a restaurant and the goal is almost the same as  Cooking Fever Game.

Preparing food here means you really cut meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cooked meat, etc. All of these actions mostly involve you to move your hands on the screen pretty quickly so that the customer does not leave your restaurant in an angry state.

Cake Shop 2

Cake Shop 2

Game Cake Shop 2 is apparently very suitable for you who is a hobby of cooking, especially for women who like to play game cooking.Pada game Cake Shop is a food that will be the main menu is a cake, but you also will make a variety of drinks .Then you in this game (besides cooking), will also act as the owner of the cake shop, where you will serve the customers who come to order some kind of food that is in your store. In the early game of cooking game for this PC, there are only few buyers who stop by, where they will later explain the order with a marked image that is above the head, and the picture is clear so easily understood. After that you have to make orders from these customers.

The cake consists of several layers, for it to make that match with the image that has been shown tersebut.Setelah it You will also make a drink, and drinks are also various kinds, such as coffee, strawberry juice, chocolate, and others. also need to be considered in this cooking game, (besides making the food cake and drinks correctly) You also need to give a fast, so that later will get a positive response from your buyers.Asapun if you lelet in serving the customers, then they will be able will be angry, will even leave soon if not soon you serve.

Cake Queen

Cooking Fever

In this Cake Queen game, you will be acting as a woman working in a cake restaurant, which will be required to provide the best possible customer service. Your task is to make and cook the cake, then deliver it in a timely fashion to the customers.

If you do that well, then the customer will feel satisfied, and the cake shop where you work will grow quickly, and get crowded visitors.

Game Cake Queen is a cooking game made specifically for you who use PC or laptop computer platform. The size of the installer file is relatively small, which is only 12 MB, besides this game is also not burdensome harddisk komputer.Gameplay work on the this free cookie cooking game is quite interesting, as well as fun with colorful and good graphic images.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever app is a game or cooking game for Android with great graphics, you can easily understand the gameplay and level development that is very easy to understand. You as a player begin by managing a burger together at a small level where initially there is only 1 cola dispenser and 1 cooking stove.

The purpose of the game is to deliver orders fast enough so that the customers are satisfied, you get paid and then spend the money earned to upgrade the equipment such as an additional cooking stove and cola dispenser. Cooking Fever will help you grow your business and move to a new location. Games or Games are very fun and highly addictive.


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