Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman - Arkham Knight

Batman is one of the most famous Superheroes, and in the world of Batman’s own video games has for many years had game adaptations. Unfortunately most of the Batman games as long as have mediocre quality so it is hard to get a place in the hearts of the Batman fans who want an experience to become Batman. Plus most of the action Batman game genre where Batman itself is just a human being with the help of money XD, not to mention Batman is famous for his detective ability so dubbed “World Greatest Detective” so unfortunately there is no game that utilizes detective elements from Batman.

But in 2009 appeared “Batman: Arkham Asylum” made by Rocksteady Studios who managed to make players feel like Batman, this game is very liked by various parties to get various awards, one of them is “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever” from Guinnes World Records !! !

The Arkham series has 2 Sequels (Arkham City and Arkham Knight) that reinforce DC’s position in the gaming world and 1 prequel (Arkham Origin) should be forgotten as it has many weaknesses (one of which is made by different studios).

And this time I will review “Batman: Arkham Knight” which is 2 years old and I just got a few months ago because Steam Winter Sale.

What Makes Arkham Series Great ??

In addition to taking the theme of Batman world with a design that looks dark, there are two things that make this Arkham series very interesting to play.

The first is the combat system “Freeflow” which makes the battle look dynamic by making Batman able to react quickly with just a touch of 1 button, this system only has 3 main buttons (attack, counter, stun) but able to produce various combinations, this game has many variations of enemies that need a special way to defeat them. The lack of this system is seen when Batman is able to show some maneuvers that look “Impossible”. But this is not a problem because “I’m Batman”

Because of this system is famous for many games that try to imitate or inspired like Mad Max, Assassin Creed, even The Witcher 3.

The second is “Detective Mode” which shows the detective side of a Batman, when this mode is activated the Batman view changes like an X-ray that makes Batman able to see various clues to complete the puzzle or to see the enemy position and prepare the best position to paralyze them. Detective Mode is very influential in the stealth approach where in some circumstances Batman can not fight its enemy directly and must sneak quietly to incapacitate them while spreading terror for other enemies.

Disaster For PC User

When Arkham Knight was released in June 2015 on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, the game again received much praise except for the PC version.

The PC that is supposed to be more powerful in terms of hardware turns out to have a lot of problems (freeze, FPS Drop, optimization, etc) that makes this game difficult to play even by the strongest hardware of the time, even this game was withdrawn from Steam because of this, no wonder many gamers PCs that “go berserk” because of this.

One of the causes of this happens because the PC version port is done by another studio (which supposedly is outsourced) so it’s no wonder if the quality is questionable. It took quite a while until finally this game can be played comfortably on PC. So do not be surprised if this PC version like Batman old school era Adam West look strange.

Then how is it now? with the recommended setting on Asus X550V laptop this game can run quite smoothly with 30-40 FPS but will experience drop when using Batmobile up to number 20, but at least still in playable count. So yah this game is still quite heavy game.

Gameplay Overview

Arkham Knight re-introduced Freeflow and Detective Mode with a little extra that is now Batman able to make multiple takedowns and do duet takedown on some parts of this game. Well if it is not broke … Batman can get points that can be used to improve his ability.

Because I have a premium version then I have access to various DLC (downloadable contents) cosmetics in the form of costumes which this time can be used directly without the need to finish the game like the previous 2 games, and this time I choose to finish this game by using Batman version Christian Bale which is cool here and there but unfortunately has a voice like someone who is exposed to asthma.

The biggest addition in this game is Batmobile aka Bat-Tank where this time players can use it to get around Gotham city, but it seems like Rocksteady is very eager to maximize the Batmobile because many things can be done by Batmobile as can be called anytime, interrogate the enemy with a bit of torture, to finish the puzzle!

Unfortunately this makes Batman very dependent on Batmobile for everything, even the portion of the players using Batmobile is quite big which is about 45% of the game including the side quest, this will eventually make players saturated because the game becomes so repetitive and ultimately even ruin the preoccupation of playing. The same thing happens with boss battles that appear very simple.

Another quite interesting addition is the presence of quite a lot of jumpscare in this game, quite suitable considering the setting of this game is very dark and the design of opponents Batman is creepy. Although already know the ins and outs of this game still I was surprised at one Jumpscare that makes me choose to drive by using Batmobile for a while so spooky.


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